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Energy and Natural Resources

Hays & Owens counsels and assists clients extensively in the business of energy and natural resources. Our practice encompasses matters involving the exploration, production and development, storage, sales and transportation of natural gas and oil as well as alternative energy resources, other minerals, water and natural gas utility and rate-related issues. The economic, regulatory, conservation, political, and legislative issues associated with the natural resource business are complex. We understand that sound, strategic legal thinking and planning are necessary to successfully meet the challenges of this environment.


Oil & Gas Law
We provide assistance to small and large companies, royalty and landowners in a variety of matters ranging from consulting on oil and gas leases and operating agreements to a full array of matters before the Texas Railroad Commission, including drilling, spacing, pooling and unitization, field rules, protection of correlative rights, and environmental compliance issues.


Producers, mineral owners and others come to Hays & Owens looking for expertise and the ability to understand the complexity or sensitivity of each client's situation. Contract negotiations or title complexities in the corporate or personal arenas are difficult to handle while running your daily business. Hays & Owens assists the client in initiatiating a new relationship in the form of a carefully constructed contract, or in remedying situations where a carefully constructed legal instrument was missing from the initiations of long ago.


Lawyers at Hays & Owens have many years of experience in the resolution of disputes arising in all these fields whether by litigation, mediation, or arbitration.